About PJA

Princeton Japanese Association, Inc., a social club for Japanese and community members, was established in January 2004 for (1) mutual assistance, (2) information exchange, and (3) cultural exchange. We welcome anyone who supports the association’s purposes. In February 2005, PJA received certification from the New Jersey State government as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and volunteer directors manage our current activities.

Membership is on a family basis. As of end of 2013, we have about 200 registered families. Our about 200 members include US permanent residents, citizens, as well as short-term residents.

PJA’s Activities

Twice a year in the spring and fall, we hold social gatherings, which promote and strengthen the ties between members. We also hold different seminars (examples include insurance, tax, health, nationality, and pension), visit senior citizen centers, and participate in community activities. Members also hold chorus, golf, tennis, working women’s forum and other events/classes for learning. About 200 members participate in our annual spring gathering, which features entertainment, Japanese cultural exhibits, a kid’s chorus of Japanese children’s songs, corporate PR and sales booths, and raffles. During the fall family gathering, 150~200 participants socialize while enjoying outdoor games and eating Japanese-style lunch.

Members use a mailing list (ML) to contact each other. This list is used to send out event information, receive inquiries, exchange local information, sell and buy items, and list employment opportunities. Helping Hands, an emergency mutual aid network started in summer of 2007, divides our members’ residential areas into three regions. Members who register as volunteers for four support groups –driver, translator, shopper, and cook — provide support to other members.. PJA also holds open houses so members can meet each other twice a year and exchange local information on specific topics over a cup of tea and sweets.

Details of annual events and announcements are on our website. Please note that Japanese is currently the main language for our ML and certain sections of the PJA website.

Membership Privileges

Use of our mailing list

Members usually communicate through our ML (mailing list). Messages or replies sent to our email address _PrincetonJapaneseAssociation@googlegroups.com_ are sent to the ML. All members who have registered for the list receive these messages.  The ML is used to post event information and is also a very useful forum for members to freely exchange information including local NJ information, make inquiries, sell and buy items, list employment opportunities, and talk about experiences living in the US.

Access to Members Only Pages

Members can access exclusive member pages on our website. These pages include useful local information gathered at Helping Hands open houses and information shared between members.

Giveaways and Special Officers from Corporate Members

During the annual spring gathering, members have the opportunity to win prizes donated by corporate members and local businesses.

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