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Princeton Japanese Association (PJA) Sponsorship Program

PJA Sponsorship Program

With an aim to realize our vision of mutual assistance, we commenced a corporate membership program in the summer of 2005, seeking for a support from corporations to further develop activities that meet the needs of its members. We have renewed the program as the PJA Sponsorship Program in 2011, expanding the types of supporters that include corporations, individual business owners and individuals who are in support of our vision and purposes. To date, the Program enjoys generous support from 12 corporate sponsors and 7 individual/small business owners. (As of 2012 December)

PJA Activities of Interest for the Sponsors

Annual events (spring, fall): PJA’s spring party “Haru no Kai” brings 150 to 200 members together every year. Participants enjoy performances & exhibits, Japanese folk songs sung by children, and raffle drawings for prizes. At the fall picnic, members meet at a local park to enjoy Japanese lunchboxes and outdoor activities. PJA sponsors are invited to set up promotional booths to introduce their corporate activities and promote their products and services.

Business Networking Opportunities (賀詞交換会・名刺交換会)

PJA also organizes an exchange forum for networking among its corporate and individual sponsors, members as well as other local entities of interests.

Helping Hands (HH)

In 2006, PJA launched a network to offer help to its members who seek urgent assistance. Members registered as a volunteer provide such help as interpreting, driving, shopping, and cooking. Helping Hands groups also meet on a regular basis to exchange information useful to its members (recent topics: “OTC medicines to keep in your medicine cabinet,” “Gifts for friends and families in Japan,” “How we prepared for the Hurricain Sandy”).

Other activities

PJA hosts various seminars; past topics include health and insurance, citizenship and tax considerations, and pensions. “Welcome Princeton” is held annually to welcome newcomers in the area to provide useful information ranging from choosing doctors and preschools to handling of legal issues in case of an accident. Members voluntarily organize fun activities such as eating out at local restaurants; chorus, golf, and tennis.

Mailing list (ML)

As a PJA member, one enjoys an access to its ML, a shared emailing system, to announce events that may be of interest to the members, inquiries, local information, buy & sell information, job ads, etc. Sponsors are also invited to send announcements via ML.

Sponsor Types & Benefits

PJA offer four types of sponsorship, which come with various benefits.

  1. PREMIUM Corporate
  2. GOLD Corporate
  3. REGULAR Corporate
  4. Individual/Small Business

特典1 : Display of sponsor name & logo at PJA-sponsored event

特典2 :Free booth set up at PJA-sponsored event 

特典3 :Display of sponsor name Logo on PJA website, Web link to PJA website

特典4 :Number of employees entitled to free family membership *

PJA Sponsorship Benefits (by type)

  Sponsor Type  Annual Dues 特典1 特典2 特典3 特典4
1 PREMIUM Corporate  $2,000 Yes Yes Yes Unlimited
2 GOLD Corporate $700 No Yes Yes Unlimited
3 REGULAR Corporate $500 No Yes Yes 3 employees
4 Individual / Small
$150 No Yes Yes 1 employee

*Family members of the sponsors can participate in PJA events at member discount rate, join the ML (Mailing List) to exchange information, and access member-only pages of the PJA website. When the sponsorship registration is complete, a family membership registration form will be sent to the contact person.



Sponsor Application

For application for registration and any questions, please contact Director in charge of Sponsors at pjanjdir@googlegroups.com .



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