How to Apply for PJA Membership

For New Members

Membership is on a family basis. We have 1) regular membership, 2) sponsor-affiliated membership and, 3) student membership.  Annual fees for each family (including an individual) is $25 (regular), $0 or free (sponsor-affiliated) and, $10 (student), respectively.  The fee is the same regardless of which month of the year members join.  The annual fees are mainly used for event venue fees, other event fees, website server annual usage fees, office supplies, stamps, and photocopies (Additional fees for events and seminars may be incurred to cover necessary costs, and members can benefit from the discounted fees). Member are reminded to renew in November or in December of every year.

If you are interested in becoming a member, you can do so either online or by sending application form by post.


Please click HERE.


Please print and fill out the registration form below, sign, and send to PJA with a check for the $25 annual fee. Please make the check payable to “PJA”. The mailing address is written on the form. If you cannot open the registration form or print it out, please contact _pjanjdir@googlegroups.com_ and  we will send a form to you.

When PJA receives the registration form and a check for the annual fee, PJA’s volunteer staffs will add your email address to the mailing list (ML). An invitation email will be sent to you. (Please allow us several days for processing.) You can complete your registration by clicking on the link included in the email. (Please make sure you check your email after you send your registration form.) When your registration is complete, a staff member will send you a new member information email, which includes a member password.

PJA Registration Form (PDF)

For Renewal

Members can choose either 《Online Renewal》 or 《Renewal by Post》.

☞ The membership renewal for this year has already been completed on December 31.

If you were a member the previous year and wish to continue as a member, you would be required to apply as a new member. If this is the case, please make sure to use the Registration Form and follow the instructions given above in the “For New Members” section.

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